About our Race the World Challenge:

Our overall goal is to run a race in every state! To do this we are going to run five different states every year, one within each different region: North, South, West, Midwest, and Weekend. In between, we’ll run the Broad Street Run here in Philly, and a few 5Ks just to keep on our toes.

Some people can do 52 races in a year, but we don’t have that much money and don’t like running all that much, so we’re spreading it out. If we run five races a year, we won’t hit all 50 states until after we turn 40. Slightly terrifying, but if  make the goal before we hit 40…THEN how do we keep motivated to stay fit?

We’ll worry about that when we get there.

We’re also big fans of US National Parks, so we plan our races in places and times when we can cross off a couple parks as well as a new state. We’ll post the National Park and other outdoor adventures on The Get Out Girl blog.

Comments, questions, cool races welcome! 13.1 is our max distance at the moment, we haven’t quite found any reason to run any further.

About Amy:

In 2009 I really wanted to get back into playing soccer, one of my high school sports, so I started a pickup league. Got annoyed that everyone was in better shape than I was and that I was always getting beat.

So I started running between our weekly pickup matches.  I still couldn’t keep up, but did a little better every week. I never liked running in high school; it was too boring, too painful. But I put Pandora on my phone, and some days I felt like I could run forever. By late fall I had lost 20 pounds, ran my first 5K, played soccer twice a week and set some overall fitness goals.

But before long I was bored again. In Spring 2010, I came across something on Running in the USA’s page about a “50-Staters” gadget. Designed for marathoners, but a worthy idea and one that I could definitely use to keep my ass motivated. I have a few other overall health & fitness goals I’m working in as well, mostly involving cross-training to reduce soreness and injuries, and eating more healthy foods.

I try to keep up with a few other blogs too:

The Get Out Girl — Featuring the National Parks Quest, outdoor adventures, writing, knitting and sewing and crafting adventures, and other cool stuff around Philadelphia.

Thinking Out Loud — Mostly about writing.

Other details: I’m 33 at the start of this challenge, live in NJ, work as a marketing associate, have an awesome dog, looking to buy my first house soon. I write a little fiction, and run the South Jersey Writers’ Group. I like to knit when I have time, read voraciously whether I have time or not, and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.

About Heather:

Truthfully, I think I always hated running! When I was in high school I would run with my mom and sister who would always leave me in the dust.  I would be running as fast as my legs could carry me and they would effortlessly float past me and far into the distance yonder. I would trudge along slowly after them and tell myself that eventually the torture would be over.  And it was! Eventually I just stopped running altogether. In college I completely quit! No more running. No more “family runs.”

So what brought me back to running nearly two decades later at the ripe old age of 32? Good question. Haha- I suppose like any choice it resulted from a culmination of factors: gaining 20+ lbs, my relationship ending and seeking meaning, remembering that despite the torture involved in running there was a thrill that awaited afterwards (nothing beats the post-run high!), and lastly and most importantly realizing the fun involved in joining in a common activity with fellow comrades (fellow runners).  In truth, if I had to piece my decision to run back to one factor it would be Amy. I was awed by her idea to run a race in every state and her tremendous commitment and fortitude to accomplish her goals. She brought such excitement and vision to the endeavor I couldn’t resist but jump on board!! And so we are off- to run a race in every state! We hope you will join on us on our journeys.

On a side note: I work at Penn and 33! I am engaged and getting married in August, 2013 to the love of my life. I love nature and the outdoors- hiking, biking etc… you name it! Traveling is my all time favorite hobby. I used to live in Botswana and have traveled all over the world and the U.S. Where are we headed next?


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