2013 Tour


Disney Princess Half Marathon, Orlando. February. I can’t believe I got talked into this, but Heather was SO EXCITED.

Broad Street Run, Phila. Amy: I didn’t make the time goal I wanted in 2o12, so there goes the plan of just dressing up in costume & hanging out with beer. (Update as of Feb. 2013: I forgot about this not meeting the time goal thing, and didn’t register. Oops. Maybe I can buy a bib off someone.)

South Dakota

Dino Trail Run, Rapid City. June 6. Our first multi-race trip!


Kolache Days Festival, Verdigre. June…8? There was a race for the Kolache Festival last year, although no schedule is posted yet…have sent an email. We really want to do this race! It’s a long story. Hopefully I’ll post the story here soon. šŸ™‚


TBD but hopefully June, probably at the same time as SD & NE! Flying in very close to Minnesota, and visiting Pipestone National Monument while we’re there. Not sure if we’ll find one, although Heather has already done a Minnesota race and we should really try if we can.

Heather’s Wedding! August šŸ™‚


TBD, in the fall, probably September. Road trip to Boston!


Monster Mash Half Marathon, Dover Speedway, October.

All subject to change. Others I want to keep my eye on:

SCDirty Myrtle Mud Run Fine, I’ll do a mud run, but only in Myrtle Beach. There are also a lot of triathlons in Myrtle Beach.

PR —Ā  Divas Half Marathon It was easier than I thought to find a run in Puerto Rico

MSRun Through History, Vicksburg National Military Park. 5K, March.

BermudaShe Rox Triathlon Well if we’re going to Puerto Rico we might as well go to Bermuda too

CAAvenue of the Giants Half Marathon, Humboldt County. First weekend in May, so no BSR that year!

COCopperMan Adventure Race, Copper Mountain. Divided into heats based on the kind of costume you wear. Love it.


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